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When you want to learn more about braces, such as how braces work or which type of braces is best for you, we have these topics covered. Aside from braces, we also talk about other treatments. Here at Oasis Orthodontics, we have seen a wide variety of cases in patients, from complications with their wisdom teeth to orthodontic problems in children.

What about dental hygiene? Good oral hygiene goes hand in hand with orthodontics. If you do not take care of your dental health by practising good oral habits, your braces or any orthodontic treatment will not be successful. It is why we want to share articles about how you can take care of your oral health. For instance, you may be fond of drinking coffee, soda, or alcohol, but did you know that they can have adverse effects on your teeth?

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Do Clear Aligners Work for an Overjet?

Overjets and overbites can be fixed using invisible aligners.

If you have an overbite, you’re most probably looking for ways to correct your smile. The good news is that there are ways to quickly fix your overjet, including braces. However, they are not your only option.

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Elastics 101: What are These Rubber Bands for Orthodontics For?

Woman with elastics on braces

Braces are a complex system, and they can be difficult to understand because of the variety out there. But regardless of the type, one thing is for sure: these dental appliances work!


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The Ideal Bite: What It Looks Like and How You Can Achieve It

Woman checking reflection in the mirror.

One of the things that orthodontists look at is the bite of the patient. You’ve probably heard your orthodontist mention things about your bite. But what is it exactly? In this post, we will talk about everything you need to know about your bite, including how you can have the ideal bite.


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Three Reasons Why Brackets Fall Off and What You Can Do About It

Dentist showing how brace system.

One of the biggest misconceptions about braces is that they are permanent – at least until the orthodontist takes them off. But in reality, they can come loose and fall off. The most common problem concerns the brackets.


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Flossing with Braces

Woman with braces holding a dental floss.

Flossing is important – a statement you’ve probably heard several times in the past. Together with brushing, flossing can help your teeth, gums, and oral health in all possible ways. Regular flossing can help remove plaque while also preventing it from building up to avoid the development of tartar.


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15 Foods That Are Surprisingly Good for the Teeth

Smiling woman with set of perfect teeh holding a green apple.

It is no secret that the best way to have healthy teeth is to have good oral hygiene. That means brushing teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing at least once daily. Everyone also knows that eating sugary and sticky foods can affect teeth and gum health. It is why parents always warn their kids to stay away from candy. As adults, we should avoid those foods, as well.

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Baby Teeth and Why They Are Important

Baby showing two front teeth.

Before we get adult or permanent teeth, we first have baby teeth. Everyone goes through this phase. It’s why it is essential to know about baby teeth, especially if you are about to become a parent or already are one. But you do not have to be a parent to be informed about this topic. (more…)

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The Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

A lady with straight teeth posing for a smile.

Your smile can significantly improve, giving you the confidence boost you might not even know you needed. But did you know that there is more to it than aesthetics? Your straight pearly whites come with great health benefits, too. (more…)

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Abnormal Eruption of Teeth: Definition, Causes, and Treatment

A middle aged man with his hands on his jaw where a sore tooth area is.

Orthodontic problems can happen to anyone – whether you are a child, an adolescent, or an adult. It even occurs to those who wore braces at an early age. The reason behind it is quite simple. Teeth are quite mobile, perhaps even more than you think.

In fact, teeth move almost every day in response to the activities that you do, such as eating, chewing gum or hard candies, and teeth grinding while sleeping. The movements are, of course, gradual, which is why you do not notice them. (more…)

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Orthodontist Vs Dentist and Other Related Professions

Anthony from Oasis Orthodontics with a patient giving treatment.

There is a huge distinction between an orthodontist and dentist. However, many people are still confused. This blog post will help put an end to that confusion once and for all. If you are among those who do not know the difference between an orthodontist or an orthodontic specialist and a dentist, then you have come to the right place. (more…)

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