Case Studies

Before and After Case Studies

Dr Hopkins has been a qualified Orthodontist since 2012. Below are some case examples demonstrating the affect orthodontic treatment can have on the appearance of teeth.

All of these patients have just recently finished treatment, and they represent a selection of treatments available from our orthodontist in Clarkson, Perth.

Some of the patients had early treatment to correct an anterior crossbite (under-bite). Below are some before and after photos of the difference their treatment made. Other patients had a fixed appliance fitted to improve the appearance of their teeth. Additionally, we have several patients who were successfully treated with Invisalign.

Before and after shots of a girl getting fixed braces

1. 9-Year-Old Girl With Braces

One of the most recent cases that Oasis Orthodontics handled was with a patient who was nine years old.

Her dental issues included:

  • Not enough space for the teeth
  • Had only one (central) incisor with the other one missing

The goal for this girl was to try to get all the teeth in, so she could have the smile she would be proud of when she grows up.

The treatment was quite simple and straightforward. Age played a huge factor in this case. For her teeth, we created space on the top incisor and applied a part fixed appliance. This appliance or brace is fixed on some of the top teeth but not all of them. The treatment was performed to line all the teeth together and get a nice smile.

The girl was very happy with the result and could not stop smiling.

Case studies 1

2. Adult Patient With Crooked Teeth

This male patient had crowding issues and a deep bite. He did not have enough space in his mouth. He also had a centre line discrepancy. This condition is where the middle of the top and bottom front teeth does not line up correctly, like with normal people.

The patient was also complaining of his crooked teeth, which made him uncomfortable throughout his adult life. His mouth did not have enough space, which was something that we had to fix first.

For this patient, we had to perform three teeth extractions. Some patients would often object to having their teeth extracted. However, in most instances, it is crucial so that the braces would fit and work to straighten the rest of the teeth.

For this adult male, the treatment took 18 months to complete with the top and bottom having fixed appliances.

The result was exemplary because the crowding issue was solved. His centre line problem was also fixed. He now has straight teeth with his deep bite fixed. It is easy to tell that the patient was quite satisfied with the result.

Case studies 2

3. Adult Patient Using Invisalign

Some cases can easily be treated without needing a fixed appliance. For this case, a female patient had teeth that just took out a little bit far in profile. She had slightly small upper lateral incisors and a bit of crowding on the bottom.

Before delivering the treatment, our orthodontist talked to her about different treatment options, including top and bottom fixed appliance. However, due to the overcrowding and how far her teeth took out, we thought about extracting four premolar teeth.

Some patients do not want to have any extraction. Our orthodontist worked with her to come up with a plan that would make her happy. In the end, we decided to use Invisalign. This revolutionary device is best known for being almost invisible when treating teeth issues. It is also removable, so the patient can take it off during specific times of the day.

Invisalign is also a great option for her case. When we relayed it to her, she was happy with the proposition because it would not have to involve extracting teeth.

Our orthodontist did selective filing to make some teeth narrower. The filing procedure also allows the teeth to come back a little bit, so they do not stick out as much. The simple procedure also helped relieve the crowding issue.

For this adult patient, her treatment lasted 15 months. After examining, her teeth were finally straight, just the way she wanted. There was no need to remove four teeth, which was the original plan. If the patient did not protest, it would have been a good treatment as well.

case studies 3

4. Teenager With Overlapping Teeth

This teen was not smiling much and quite unhappy with the appearance of the teeth appearance. The treatment would, therefore, be designed for aesthetic purposes.

In this young patient’s case, one tooth was positioned incorrectly. It was causing her to bite the wrong way, which is known as a crossbite. It can be quite painful and uncomfortable, so it was prioritised for fixing straightaway.

After looking at the teeth, we talked to the patient and told her that the treatment would be to use fixed appliances. Her situation was unique because we had to deliver a customised fixed appliance specifically for her. The braces she wore were fabricated just for her to make them extremely precise.

For many patients, they do not need customised braces because they have a common problem. However, a tailored appliance is better depending on the situation such as with this teen.

She wore the top and bottom appliances for 12 months only. She was quite pleased not only with the outcome with the duration of the treatment as well.

case studies 4

5. Child With Underbite

An underbite is a condition where the lower teeth extend outward, farther than the upper front teeth. For this dental condition, it should be corrected before 10 for a high success rate.

A young boy entered our office. He was nine, which is the perfect age for the underbite to be fixed. Our solution for his case was a protraction face mask treatment. It involved an appliance that is glued inside the mouth. Along with it, there is an external orthodontic appliance worn at night. This appliance comes with elastics that pull the top jaw forward.

As his jaw moved forward, the teeth moved as well. The bottom jaw and bottom teeth then moved backward. As a result, all the teeth are now in the right place.

The boy may not completely understand the procedure and its importance. However, his mum was very happy with the result. We exceeded her expectation. She was not expecting that the underbite could be fixed since it is viewed as a problem with adults.
However, since her son is still young and at the right age, the treatment was quick and a success.

case studies 5

6. 12-Year-Old With Underbite

This patient was already 12 years old, which is a bit older than the intended age for a protraction face mask treatment. Typically, 10 and below are the best ages for this treatment.

Our orthodontist came up with a plan. The goal of the treatment was to let the patient chew more effectively and comfortably. For this 12-year-old, tooth extraction and the use of fixed appliance were both performed.

The treatment took a year to achieve completion, which resulted in relieving the crowding. The patient was pleased because it did not involve taking teeth out.

case studies 6

7. Teenager Using Braces

This teen was not happy with the alignment of the teeth. The top front teeth stuck out a little bit too far, which was a major concern for the patient.

This patient required a number of extractions as part of her orthodontic treatment. This allowed us to improve the appearance of her teeth and correct her bite.

Then, fixed appliances had to be worn for a total of 18 months. The patient now enjoys straight teeth, both the top and bottom.

case studies 7

8. Effective Adult Invisalign Treatment

A female in her mid-20s scheduled a consultation. She wanted her teeth to look straighter so she could smile more confidently.

At the upper right side, some of the top teeth were biting the wrong way. It was uncomfortable for her for years as she was biting the inside, which is a condition called a crossbite. It is unattractive and also causes functional problems.

We first decided with fixed appliances, which would be applied at the top and bottom teeth. However, she did not want to wear braces. They are quite visible, so she was hoping for more discreet treatment.

Invisalign, therefore, was the best solution even for her age. For an orthodontic point of view, a crossbite is easier to treat with Invisalign and there is less effort as well.

The treatment lasted for 14 months and she now has perfectly straight teeth. Needless to say, she is very happy with the result.

After shot of fixed upper teeth due to orthodontic treatment.

9. Fixed upper teeth

This was one of our first patients to start orthodontic treatment in our clinic. She presented with prominent top teeth and an upper right canine which was out of line.

Treatment was started with a functional appliance to reduce the prominence of the top teeth. After a successful period wearing this removable appliance, we then moved on to fixed appliances to straighten the teeth.

Top and bottom fixed appliances were provided, and she only needed them for less than a year.

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