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Advanced Treatments in a Relaxed Atmosphere

We understand that people are often anxious when visiting the dentist, so we do everything we can to calm your fears. Our office has an open plan with a clean, bright, welcoming feeling. There ʼs plenty of natural sunlight and comfortable chairs in which you can relax. We ʼre relaxed, fun and interactive with each other and our patients. A happy sta environment translates to a better level of care for you.

Oasis Orthodontics takes your comfort very seriously and will do everything
we can to help you feel right at home. Maybe that ʼs why we have such a high rate of repeat business: We are proud that we ʼve not only cared for our patients but also their children, siblings, other family members and friends. Check out our Google reviews to nd out what other patients have had to say about our o ce! You can also visit us on Facebook.