Jenny Fenn
Office Coordinator & Dental Assistant

Jenny Fenn works at Oasis Orthodontics as the front office coordinator and dental assistant. Her day-to-day routine varies, but she often works in the clinic, where she welcomes the patients. She also talks to them over the phone to set their schedules. When they need assistance regarding a service, for example, Jenny is always ready to provide help.

Although no day is the same, her versatility allows her to be prepared no matter what duty and challenges lie ahead.

Jenny’s Work Background

Jenny started as a dental nurse when she was 18 back in the early 90s. She studied in 1993, and two years later, she got qualified. Then, Jenny worked in general and private dentistry in the UK before moving to Australia in 2006.

Just four years after, she moved back to the UK but found that the regulations had changed. It meant that she could no longer work as a dental nurse.

With her experience and determination, however, it was easy for her to move forward. She decided to work at hospitals before going back to dentistry. It was also at that time that Jenny got back to college to get requalified in the UK. She studied at West Cheshire College and then moved back to Australia. That was the beginning of her journey in orthodontics.

Does Working in Orthodontics Differ from Her Previous Jobs?

Orthodontics always has something interesting. Unlike in the UK, Australia has a more relaxed approach. The work environment was not as strict and was a bit more casual. The goal is to make it easier and more comfortable for the patients. As a result, they are less nervous, and treatments commence at a nice pace. There is no rush, which creates a much more pleasant experience.

People who visit Oasis look forward to the dramatic change after the treatment. Jenny has seen the difference in their confidence firsthand. They would first enter with reluctant smiles, but afterwards, they become prouder in showing their teeth. It is not just rewarding for the patients but Jenny as well.

On a typical day at Oasis Orthodontics, her regular duties include staying in correspondence with Anthony, as well as with dental surgeons and specialist dentists. Her job also involves getting everything sorted out, performing X-rays, and contacting patients.

Her responsibilities can vary since she also helps in sterilising surgical instruments. Jenny sometimes preps lab work and ensures everything is ready on time. Mainly her job is to keep everything running smoothly.

Evolution of Technology in Orthodontics h2

A lot had changed in the dental industry since the 90s when Jenny first started.

Back in the day, the following practices were quite common:

  • General anaesthetic extractions were usually performed in the dental chair.
  • There were no referrals to specialists, and the dentists had to deal with the patients themselves.
  • X-rays were hand developed.
  • Practitioners even used mercury powder mixes for the fillings.

Thankfully, the industry is moving in a positive direction. Technology has amazingly improved in a short span of time. For instance, 3D scanners are now available. At Oasis Orthodontics, they choose 3D scanning instead of traditional moulding.

Another great improvement is with the swiftness of specific processes. An example is with crowns. They can now be made in just a couple of hours, unlike before when it would take two to three weeks.

Oasis Orthodontics has also begun to use SureSmile, which utilises such a fantastic technology. SureSmile is a unique treatment where clear aligners are computer-generated, particularly the moulded archwires. It offers the most precise procedure in the modern-day.

What’s in the Future for Jenny?

Career-wise, Jenny is content with where she is. It is why she is undoubtedly happy to stay with Oasis and Kingsley Orthodontics until her retirement. The workplace is what she envisioned her dream job would be. Everyone is welcoming. It is fun to work with people who have mutual respect for one another.

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