The oasis staff profile of Kya Pedrick

Kya Pedrick
Dental Assistant

For patients and co-workers, she is known for her cool, calm, and relaxed demeanour. She is the type of person who helps try to fix issues without getting stressed. She is approachable so patients can easily talk to her when they need some reassurance for their treatment.

Always bubbly and smiling, Kya enjoys what she is doing. What she loves most about being at Oasis Orthodontics is that she gets to know the patients. They usually come in every four to six weeks, which allows everyone at the dental office to develop a relationship with them. But what is truly rewarding for Kya is being able to witness each patient’s transformation.

The process is more than just fixing teeth problems; it is also improving self-confidence and their perception of their own smile.

Work History

The cosmetic aspect of dental work, including straightening, is what she found most appealing.

Kya studied Dental and earned Certificate IV in Dental Nursing. After that, she immediately got a job at another dental office, Class 1 Orthodontics, where she started working with Dr Anthony Hopkins.

Top Things that are Important in the Practice

With Kya’s experience in the dental industry, she has learnt the significance of these three:

  1. A Clean and Hygienic Workplace

    All instruments should be sterilised before and after each patient. Oasis Orthodontics prioritises the safety of the patients and staff. It is why performing a safe and efficient cleaning process is a must to protect everyone, as well as the reputation of the dental practice.

  2. Organisation

    “Being organised is being in control.” When things are organised from top to bottom, there is less stress. All processes run efficiently and smoothly.

  3. Awareness

    Kya is someone who is always keen to learn. She reads a lot and expands her knowledge whenever she can during her free time by reading and watching dentistry-related resources.

    Being consciously aware is also the key to preparing the whole treatment for the patient. As a dental assistant, Kya has to work alongside orthodontists and specialists. It is also a part of her job to be on top of everything, including specific information, such as the patient’s pre-treatment requirements.

Working at Oasis Orthodontics

One of the best things about Oasis Orthodontics is having friendly work colleagues. Kya is happy with the excellent working relationship between her and the others in the dental office, including Dr Hopkins.

Oasis Orthodontics has such a positive workplace. Everyone is welcoming and ready to help. There is a homey atmosphere, so both the staff and patients do not feel nervous. Patients call the staff by name. It is easy to build a lasting relationship in this work environment.

Significant Changes in the Industry

Kya has seen drastic revolutions that changed the whole aspect of dentistry for the better. For instance:

  • Braces now use self-ligating brackets, which are much better than their conventional counterpart. These new brackets do not need elastic or metal ligatures (or “ties”).
  • Because of the changes in brackets, the number of wires in braces is reduced.
  • According to Kya, Invisalign was challenging to use back in the day but is now user friendly.
  • Scanners are now used unlike before when gooey moulds were prolific. Oasis Orthodontics is one of the few dental offices that utilise scanners, which are more accurate and allows easy record-keeping for the patients
  • These 3D scanners also enable patients to see what their teeth look like with their own eyes. There are comparisons with the “before” and “after” to remind them of their beautiful journey.
  • SureSmile is another technique used these days, which involves indirect bonding for braces. Dr Anthony does not have to replace the brackets, which cuts down the treatment time. The hygienist only has to work with the tray that has the brackets preloaded.

Kya’s Qualifications

  • Certificate IV in Dental Assisting at the Oral Health Centre of Western Australia (OHCWA)
  • First Aid
  • Working with Children

She has been in the industry for about four years now. She did take a two-year break and came back to resume her work.

Kya Pedrick loves working at Oasis Orthodontics and would like to remain here for some time. She is appreciative of the friendly work environment and wants to give back by making sure she does a wonderful job always.

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