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Linda Furfaro

Linda Furfaro graduated in 1990 from Curtin University where she took up Associate Diploma in Dental Therapy. A year later, she was qualified and began working in general dentistry. Linda has always had a passion for orthodontics & she loves working with children and teenagers.

Her goal is to help Oasis Orthodontics create a relaxed treatment environment for young patients.

Working at Oasis Orthodontics

The work environment is relaxed, and everyone is approachable. Dr Hopkins is respectful yet friendly and is always gentle with patients. For Linda, work is stress-free, even when the schedules are busy.

In terms of team culture, Oasis Orthodontics is a place where everyone is excited to go to work. All the staff members get along well. Proper management exists, and people are approachable with great bonding and spirit. Teamwork is present, and she has not encountered any issues at all.

During a workday, her primary role is to help put appliances on or take them off. She also talks to patients and gives them instructions when caring and maintaining their braces, for example. Linda also aids in Invisalign placements. If the patient is a child, she talks to the parents so they can pass on the guidance to the young one.

Among the things Linda loves about orthodontics is seeing the confidence improve in each patient. Usually, they start shy but eventually begin smiling wider as the treatment progresses.

Recommendations Regarding Orthodontic Care

Dental health is essential to everyone, but proper care should begin at a young age. She advises parents not to avoid orthodontics. It is much easier and quicker to finish the treatment when the patient is still young. During this time, their jaws and teeth are still underdeveloped. Therefore, they can be changed without waiting for years.

Orthodontics can be life-changing for the child. See the right specialist, particularly Dr Anthony. Sure, the change will not happen overnight, but the end result is always worthwhile.

Linda is delighted to learn new things related to the industry with the team. She admires the wealth of knowledge from the team and willingness to stay updated with technology.

The dental industry and orthodontics itself continue to change rapidly. For instance, indirect bonding is one of the new technologies Oasis Orthodontics is using. It offers less chair time and greater comfort for the patients.

There are also new bracket systems, as well as enhanced scanning speeds. Although Invisalign has become more popular over the years, it is still quite astounding to know those clear aligners exist. Some patients are uncomfortable with wires and brackets. If suitable for their case, Invisalign is the treatment that will not affect their confidence even during the early stages of the procedure.

Other changes include:

  • No need for impressions
  • Scanning to send information to the lab and create teeth within minutes
  • Thorough infection control
  • Complete PPE with masks, gloves, and other essentials
  • Sterilising metals and instruments
  • Smaller items

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