Removable and fixed retainers, designed to keep your teeth straight.

Now that you’re teeth have been moved into the correct position, it’s important to keep them there. Retainers form an important part of your orthodontic treatment, keeping your teeth in position after your braces or aligners come off.

Available in removable and fixed variations, our Orthodontist will assist in finding the right solution for you, advising when to wear your retainer, for the best results.


Will I need Retainers?

Many patients want to know if they will need to wear retainers after their treatment for braces is completed. Because teeth will continue to move throughout a lifetime, retainers will work to prevent the teeth from returning to their pre-braces positions. Retainers are devices used to keep teeth in their new places after finishing orthodontic braces treatment.

Nearly all patients will need to wear retainers for some time to ensure that their teeth remain in their newly aligned positions. Depending on the new alignment of your teeth, your retainers will be either permanent or removable. Your Oasis Orthodontist will work with you to design the most appropriate retainer solution for your situation.

Types of Retainers

  1. Permanent Retainers

    These retainers are commonly referred to as fixed retainers. They involve the use of thin wires bonded in place behind the upper and lower teeth to keep the teeth in their new position and prevent them from moving back into their positions. Your Oasis Orthodontist will determine how long the retainers will need to be kept in place.

  2. Removable Retainers

    Removable retainers are either clear moulded mouth guards or a wire retainer made from moulded acrylic and fitted to the roof of the patient’s mouth. These types of retainers need to be taken out to brush your teeth and to eat. They must be worn every day to keep your teeth in their newly aligned positions. Your Oasis Orthodontist will develop a daily wearing schedule that will be altered when no new movement of your teeth is detected.

Who Needs to Wear Retainers?

Retainers are worn by:

  • Males and Females
  • All ethnic groups
  • All nationalities
  • Young Patients
  • Teenager Patients
  • Adult Patients

How Retainers Work After Braces

During the time that you wore braces, your gums and supporting ligaments were loose. Because your gums and ligaments are still loose when your braces were removed, they will need a period to tighten up. It is during this time period that retainers will play the important function of holding your teeth in their new positions.

Permanent retainers will remain in place until your teeth are firmly fixed in place and not in danger of returning to their pre-braces positions. Removable retainers may initially need to be worn all day and all night except for teeth cleaning and eating.

The number of hours that your removable retainers need to be worn will be adjusted over time based on the reduced amount of tooth movement observed during periodic checkups.

There are no standard schedules for the type of retainers a person will need nor any precise timeline that retainers will need to be worn. The best retainer treatment plan is an individual plan developed for you.

But, the one strict standard is that retainers are the best option available to help you retain the teeth corrections gained during the many months of wearing braces.

Retainer Importance

A Lady happily placing retainers in her mouth to keep her teeth straight.Each person is unique, and your teeth and jaw change as you age. Meaning you will need the knowledge and experience to determine which type of retainer is best suited for your results.

Retainers are custom made orthodontic devices designed to keep your newly aligned teeth in the positions where they were moved to while you were wearing braces. Obtaining and maintaining your beautifully aligned teeth is a two-part process. The first part is braced, and the second part is the retainers.

When you follow the wearing schedules developed by your Oasis Orthodontist, you will have a great smile with straight teeth for a lifetime. Retainers are the most reliable option to help you retain your beautiful smiles. Even well-known celebrities have benefited from wearing braces and retainers.

Your Oasis Orthodontist will work with you to find the best retainer solution to get the best results for your oral health.

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